Self StorageWe are experts at packing our van and so it only makes sense that we’re great at putting items in self storage. Use us to put your goods in to your storage unit and we will stack your goods neatly and efficiently saving you time and money – you can get a smaller storage room with us doing the packing so you pay for less space. We also stack items safely so they don’t fall out on you when you open the door and it means your goods are safe in store until you’re ready to have them in your new home.

We work closely with UK Storage Company who have self storage in Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol, Chard, Gloucester, Yeovil, Plymouth and the list goes on. As we have been using them for years you get added benefits when moving in using us. For example in a lot of their sites we have 24 hour access meaning we can move you in outside of their normal opening hours. Usually they charge extra for this service but with us you get this free of charge.

Their Taunton self storage site is particularly handy as all the rooms are ground floor, meaning our unloading time is really quick and that saving is passed on to you. You can store with them from as little as fourteen days (you can store for less than that, but the minimum charge is fourteen days). If you want I can move your items in and out of storage so you don’t have to deal with any of it. You can do your paperwork online so you don’t even have to come down to the facility with us if you don’t want to.